Author Urges Sports Leagues and Related Entertainment to Reject Hip-Hop

     A family of four sits in their third row seats that mom and dad saved for weeks to buy. The family can only afford to go to a couple of games a year, so they all hope it’s a good game. So do the church youth groups and Girl or Boy Scout troops that bused kids from hours away for their annual trips and even the eager fans watching the game with the kids at home. Everyone is on the edge of their seat with anticipation.

     The teams are stretching and getting ready to play. The anticipation of the crowd is almost tangible and everyone is ready for an epic battle against a heated rival. To top it all off, the arena’s PA system starts pumping the latest hip-hop song to add to the electric ambiance. This music, pumped through the speakers before the players are introduced, played during timeouts and prominent in television presentation, is used to hype the players and the crowd, but is the content and message in this music right for the family/youth experience that sports leagues want to deliver?

Author Jason Irby, a University of Arkansas at Little Rock alum, doesn’t think it is and he is making an…So, You WSV Irby’s Initiative Final 6-11-15