Hard Choices: Jason Irby – Awareness, Wellness, and Choices Fair to Stop Violence

On June 14, 2014, author Jason Irby hosted the Awareness, Wellness, and Choices Fair at Laman Library – Argenta District. The fair was to promote his newly released book Love Within Life: So You Want To Stop Violence and to encourage our youth to face life’s “hard choices” by making wise decisions.

Irby requested that the sports leagues and sports entertainment organizations join the effort and cease the use of Hip-Hop music containing inappropriate messages. These messages promote getting high, getting wild, and getting wasted and are used in bumper music, promotional media, playlists, and cross promotions.

Irby was joined at the fair by community leaders and organizations. Presentations were made pertaining to the well-being of today’s youth and surrounding communities.

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Author Jason Irby Meets with Small Arkansas Town to Discuss Veteran’s Memorial

Jason Irby, author of the Love Within Life book series and founder of the Arkansas Flag Wabbaseka Memorial, was invited to meet with the City of Holly Grove’s Veterans Memorial Committee officials.

Irby was invited to share information as the Holly Grove committee seeks to establish a memorial to honor local veterans.  


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Jason Irby, Author and Humanitarian, Speaks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Summer Youth Program

Author Jason Irby began the month of July by speaking with members of the L.E.A.D Youth Program mentored and sponsored by the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission.

L.E.A.D. is a mentorship and leadership program designed to develop our youth socially, academically, and professionally.

The Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission invited Irby to speak before the youth group of future leaders.

Irby’s discussion and conversation style of presentation encouraged the students to freely participate and engage with comments.

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