Author Jason Irby Continues to urge NFL, NBA, NBL and Other Sports Leagues to Up-hold Personal Conduct Standards


Author Jason Irby continues his effort to bring awareness to the controversial stances taken by sports leagues regarding promoting violent and inappropriate music.

Irby’s latest event encouraging youth to make wise choices is the Awareness, Wellness and Choices Fair to Stop Violence. This event will take place on September 20, 2014,  at 217 North Main Street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

The fair is in support of Irby’s latest book in the Love Within Life Series: So You Want to Stop Violence?  Arkansas Senator Stephanie Flowers, whose office is the location for the event, believes in the man behind the cause.

“When he puts his mind and effort in it, he gets things done,” she said. “I admire him for that and feel fortunate to know him. He makes things happen. He has that energy. He’s going to accomplish what he sets out to do. The event will be a positive thing. We will see a difference because of  it,” says Senator Flowers.

Irby’s event comes at a time when the National Football League (NFL) is in the spotlight for its handling of football players’ violent behavior off-the-field.

The indefinite suspension of Ray Rice for a violent altercation with his then fiancé underscores the violent imagery and experience of professional sports. Improper behaviors have become more prevalent today and stand in stark contrast to the family-friendly entertainment these sports organizations seek to provide as well as the league’s personal conduct policy.

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Author Jason Irby Applauds NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Stiffening of Personal Conduct Violations & Penalties

Jason Irby, author of Love Within Life: So, You Want To Stop Violence, applauded the intent of a letter National Football League (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell sent to owners of 32 NFL teams.  Irby also continues to urge sports leagues to reject rap and hip-hop songs that promote inappropriate behavior that are endorsed by the leagues as playlist, bumper and promotional music.

“The message in the letter aligns with my effort to urge the league’s associates and players to exhibit high personal conduct standards because they are very influential public figures to our youth,” Irby said.

In the letter, Commissioner Goodell apologized for not holding his response to a personal conduct policy violation (domestic violence case) to the highest standards of the NFL.  Commissioner Goodell  also directed actions to reinforce and enhance personal conduct policy violation penalties, discipline and recovery treatment.   The personal conduct policy requires NFL associates and players to avoid conduct detrimental to the league’s integrity.

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