Author Jason Irby Observes Baby Trees Providing Home for Nesting Birds

After being established for only one year and four months the baby trees have provided a home for nesting birds, author Jason Irby observed.

“After such a short period of time it has been a rewarding Spring to actually see a habitat come into development.  Along with the birds nesting in the baby trees, I have witnessed footprints of many four-legged animals such as deer, bobcat, coyote, turtle, raccoon, and yes I’ve even seen a snake or two,” shared Irby.

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So, You Want To Stop Violence? Do you really want to stop the violence?

Author Jason Irby will observe the one year anniversary of the release of his 4th publication in the Love Within Life series.

The book, So You Want to Stop Violence? has received a variety of reviews, media coverage and presentations.    Irby has asked the community, do you really want to stop the violence?  His hope and intent is that the book of poems and short stories will offer readers awareness about the subject, opportunity to choose, and a prospective to choose wellness.

Over the past year, sports authorities and athletes have been suspended, convicted or fined for violence related actions.

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