Author Jason Irby Continues to Move Forward in Completion of Projects for Conservation Reserve Plan

Jason Irby continues to move forward in completion of projects for the conservation reserve plan.  Irby stands near earth movers used to construct Water Control Structure.  This phase in the conservation reserve plan will complete the 3rd and final item in Irby’s plan which includes hardwood trees, native grasses, and a shallow water development.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Arkansas Forrest Commission, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) have all been involved in the implementation of this project.

“I am so pleased to have had this experience and to have seen this plan come together.  It has taken hard work, effort and timing to bring all of the elements and agencies together as this project successfully developed.    I will continue to move this conservation effort forward because I believe its practices are essential for the future of our resources, habitats, and people.  It may be challenging, but I am excited to see what opportunities and initiatives are available to bring about the greatest resource possibilities and potential for lands,” shared Irby.

Irby is an author and humanitarian who published Love Within Life, a series of books with poems and short stories about life’s intimates, fears, and expectations.  Granddaddy Had a Farm, Skyscrapers on the Prairies, Have You Ever and Us in Them are among writings that readers may have experienced living or visiting rural areas.

Irby has fond memories of experiences he had as a child in Wabbaseka, Arkansas while visiting his granddaddy’s (Will Irby) farm and working with his dad’s (J D Irby) excavation service.

You can learn more about Jason Irby by visiting and

You can purchase Irby’s books and writings Love Within Life (Shared Experiences), Love Within Life (Inspire The Intuitive Woman)My Arkansas My Home, and So You Want to Stop Violence by visiting online stores –, Barnes & Noble, and others.



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