2015 Year End Review

2015 has been a rewarding and wonderfully incredible year.  So many great events and activities took place.  The year began with a “stop violence” feature of me in the January issue at SEALife Magazine.  The article on pages 16 and 17 reported my efforts to address violence as well as reviewing my book Love Within Life, influences in my life while growing up, and future goals toward Awareness, Wellness and Choices forums

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Author Jason Irby Meets with Agriculture and Wildlife Authorities to Explore Opportunities for Student Development and Learning

After completing a three-phase Conservation Reserve Program project, Jason Irby is asking the question “what’s next” to obtain the lands greatest potential as well as opportunities for student learning. 

Irby met with authorities from Agriculture and Wildlife departments to begin and initiate projects for student learning and development. 

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IT’S OFFICIAL! Author Jason Irby in Pages of Newly Released History Book About Arkansas State Symbols

The Butler Center of Arkansas Studies recently released “It’s Official! The Real Stories Behind Arkansas’s State Symbols,” authored by David Ware, a historian of the Arkansas State Capitol.  It’s Official is a volume of essays that examine each of Arkansas’ officially designed symbols, outlining their beginnings, their significance at the time of their adoption, and their place in modern Arkansas.

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