Author Jason Irby Meets with Agriculture and Wildlife Authorities to Explore Opportunities for Student Development and Learning

After completing a three-phase Conservation Reserve Program project, Jason Irby is asking the question “what’s next” to obtain the lands greatest potential as well as opportunities for student learning. 

Irby met with authorities from Agriculture and Wildlife departments to begin and initiate projects for student learning and development. 

Irby sees the trees, native grasses, and shallow water areas on his farm as a great way to share and expose students to aspects of land studies and observations that may not be available to them otherwise. 

To begin this initiative Irby invited Arkansas Game and Fish, NRCS, Arkansas Forestry Commission, UAPB’s Agriculture Department, UALR’s Anthropology Department, Senator Stephanie Flowers, and members of the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation.  Those who attended the meeting found the initiative and information to be very impressive as the resources on Irby’s farm are “one of a kind.” 

Future meetings and visits are planned which may include additional community organizations.  

“Developing our land and youth is essential for our existence.  Training our youth to care for our lands is essential for our future and helps to make our world a better and more comfortable place to live” Irby said. 

Irby is an author and humanitarian who grew up in Wabbaseka, Arkansas.  Wabbaseka is an area well known for agriculture and wildlife.  Irby has written poems and short stories related to his experiences while growing up in the area. 

“My family has been involved in agriculture for decades and their efforts have been gifts to nature and humanity.  Now it is my turn to share farming and wildlife resource opportunities with students.  I feel this initiative(s) will benefit generations” Irby further stated.

You can learn more about Jason Irby and Jason Irby Innovation Foundation by visiting or


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