Author Jason Irby Spearheads Food Contest to Discover Official Arkansas Signature Food Dish

Arkansas has dozens of inherited food dishes or entrees that are commonly prepared and eaten by Arkansans and even shared around the world, but none bear a name associated with Arkansas or a city/municipality within its borders.

Jason Irby, author of My Arkansas, My Home, a publication from his Love Within Life series, has spearheaded and designed a contest which will discover and designate an official Arkansas Signature Food Dish or entrée.

The winning contestant is expected to receive $1,000 in prize money.  There will also be second and third place winners.

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Arkansas Signature Food Contest – Official Rules

Arkansas Signature Food Dish Contest – Official Rules

The Arkansas Signature Food Dish Contest spearheaded by the Jason Irby INNOVATION FOUNDATION (JIIF) is open to the public.  Anyone is eligible to be a contestant and may submit one recipe per entry.  Contestants under age 18 will need consent from a parent or legal guardian.  Contestants must submit a typed recipe of the original dish including the dish name and cooking instructions.  The food dish must pertain an entrée native to Arkansas. For example, seafood, arctic, tropical, etc., are not appropriate.

The name of the original dish must include “Arkansas” or a city or municipality within Arkansas.

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