Author Jason Irby Spearheads Food Contest to Discover Official Arkansas Signature Food Dish

Arkansas has dozens of inherited food dishes or entrees that are commonly prepared and eaten by Arkansans and even shared around the world, but none bear a name associated with Arkansas or a city/municipality within its borders.

Jason Irby, author of My Arkansas, My Home, a publication from his Love Within Life series, has spearheaded and designed a contest which will discover and designate an official Arkansas Signature Food Dish or entrée.

The winning contestant is expected to receive $1,000 in prize money.  There will also be second and third place winners.

Irby first revealed the initiative to establish the Arkansas Signature Food Dish Contest  after reading IT’S OFFICIAL! The Real Stories Behind Arkansas’s State Symbols by Arkansas state capital historian, David Ware.

Irby then began looking closer into the matter.

“We actually do not have a signature food dish named after Arkansas or township within it. Other states and cities do,” Irby stated.  “I began talking with officials in the Secretary of State Office and continually communicating with them and researching.”

As Irby began to reach out to others, a committee and partnerships were formed.  Decisions and details are currently before the committee.  The grand finale and judging will be held at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds during the 2016 Arkansas State Fair.

Contest entry fee is $50.  Judging categories will consist of originality, taste, simplicity (ease of preparation), and presentation.  You can learn more about the Arkansas Signature Food Contest by visiting or  You may contact the Jason Irby INNOVATION FOUNDATION at

Since publishing Love Within Life: A Book of Life’s Shared Experiences and other publications associated with the Love Within Life series, Irby has launched several initiatives.

Irby founded the Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza, an Arkansas flag and veteran’s memorial in Wabbaseka, Arkansas, sponsored and conducted numerous Stop Violence: Awareness, Wellness and Choices forums, established the Women’s History Month Observance (Arkansas Women of History), established the Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month, and the End of Year Review.

For more information, contact Jason Irby at

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