Jason Irby Conservation project is Acreage that is a Wildlife Habitat on Time

Jason Irby recently received a visit from an Arkansas Wildlife Officer from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

The Wildlife Officer and Irby walked and inspected the property discussing conservation practices as they moved through the grasses, trees,  and shallow water area.

The Wildlife Officer pointed out grasses that were beneficial to waterfowl and other game birds.   Smart weeds, spangle top and barnyard varieties were among the grasses observed.  The Wildlife Officer also noticed a large bullfrog, which he said indicated a benefit to the ecosystem.

Irby and others have sited deer, gray fox, bobcat, and a variety of turtles, snakes, insects, duck, geese and other migrating birds, along with planted and native vegetation.

Toward the end of the visit, the Wildlife Officer presented Irby with a “My Acreage for Habitat” T-shirt, stating that Irby is the first of the public to receive the new shirt.

“This place can be brutal when confronted with extreme weather conditions, insects, certain critters, and such but it’s truly worth the effort. Overall, we save ourselves by maintaining the nature and natural habitats that God has given us.  After all, gardening and farming was man’s first occupation and career according to the scriptures.   I’m just supporting and following in the footsteps of history as well as our forefathers,” Irby stated.



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