2017: Irby’s Incredible Year to Serve

Each year brings about a new and different opportunity to serve my community and 2017 will definitely be memorable.

It was a privilege to present historic community leaders with recognition from the State of Arkansas and Jason Irby Innovation Foundation’s “Legend Among Us” event.  The 2017 recipients included Robert “Say” McIntosh (Sweet Potato Pie King, Black Santa, restaurant pioneer, and community leader); Hubert “Geese” Ausbie (Crown Prince of Basketball); and Wanda Hamilton (social trailblazer and collegiate integrator).

As an Arkansas Trail of Tears Association member, assisting at the Arkansas chapter’s 2017 national convention was a pleasure.

Visiting landmarks where Native Americans and the Blacks among them traveled the deadly Trail of Tears was educational.

As man’s first occupation was to care for God’s habitat on earth, it gives me great joy to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers.

I was so greatly encouraged when my work was noticed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  I was given a “My Arkansas Acreage for Wildlife” T-shirt.  Nature is truly amazing.

When give proper attention, habitats can really flourish.   I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to observe the dynamic wild world of nature.

I love to see students achieve their goals. Contributing to UA Little Rock students through the Jason Irby Scholarship Award is important in providing students with a little help along the way. Being involved in class reunions is vital for remembering our humble past and preserving history for future generations. As a member of A-State Corvette Association, the community is supported and encouraged by a group of individuals who have pledged to give back.  My employer is an industry leader in charitable giving.

To initiate the recognition of community legends by the state and community has been an incredible honor.

To serve as a member of the USS Little Rock namesake committee, USS Little Rock commissioning committee is an incredible timeline in history.

To serve the community as a member of A-State Corvette Association is a blessing.

To be a part of a humanitarian movement as author Jason Irby and chair of Jason Irby Innovation Foundation is humbling.

To meet so many people who share the desire to help make our community and world a better place to live is dynamic.

I appreciate the incredible opportunity to collaborate and join with diverse organizations as we strive to do good works and promote good will.  I will remember 2017 as an incredible year of service.

Thank you all for your help, support and encouragement.



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