Author Jason Irby’s 2018 End of Year Review

The 2018 Year End Review

“Each of the past 5 years I have called incredible, but 2018 has really had an incredible impact on my life.  I’ve been blessed throughout the years and this year is no exception.  This year many can see and kinda get a glimpse of my works, projects, and recognitions by viewing my recent awards.  I gladly share my joy and outlook.  Incredible cannot fully describe, ” shares Jason Irby.
Author Jason Irby was recently recognized for his writings, community efforts, and leadership.

On October 12, 2018, Irby received a Pioneer Award from the Wabbaseka Memorial Committee and a Capitol Citation from the Arkansas Secretary of State Office presented by Capitol Historian David Ware and signed by the Secretary of State Mark Martin at the 5th anniversary of the Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza.
On October 20, 2018, Irby was presented with a Senate Citation at the annual Domestic Violence Month Observance by Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers.
Over the past 5 years, Irby has been noted for founding and establishing the Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza and for spearheading ceremonies recognizing the 100th year anniversary of the Arkansas Flag along with its designer Miss Willie K. Hocker and honoring the USS Arkansas navy battleship.  Irby has established the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation’s Women’s History Month Observance and the Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month, along with the “Legend Among Us” award.
Irby brings awareness with the Domestic Violence Month Observance and most recently the Black Indian and Native American Heritage Month Fair.
Irby is a member of several committees and organizations.  Irby is the chairperson of the Wabbaseka Memorial Committee and the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation.  Irby is also the vice president of the A-State Corvette Association and the 2019 secretary elect of the National Trail of Tears Arkansas Chapter.  Irby is a board member of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s (UALR) School of Mass Communication Development Committee, a member of the Central Arkansas Chapter of the Association of Black Journalists, and a lifetime member of the UALR Alumni Association.  Irby serves as a UPS Wellness and Safety Committee Wellness Champion and as a member of the  USS Little Rock Namesake Commissioning Committee.
“So many positives have happened since I released my first book in the ‘Love Within Life’ series in 2012.  I felt pretty good about my writings but didn’t know that they would open doors and opportunities.  My intent when establishing the various forums and celebrations was simply to do my part despite the many challenges.  To be at least one more voice among the faith-based organizations, civic organizations, and government agencies that support the causes of improving humanity.  Now I am so thankful that I followed my heart.  I thank everyone who has supported me along the way.  To be honored by one’s state and to be a part of organizations on a national level is an awesome experience,” shares Irby.
There is a story behind each of the ventures that Irby has established or founded in which he categorizes as Awareness, Wellness, and Choices.   Many of the topics addressed at the forums and events can be found in Irby’s Love Within Life writings.
Irby grew up in the small Jefferson County town of Wabbaseka, Arkansas.  He moved to Little Rock to attend UALR.  In 2012, Irby published his first book of poems and short stories.  Afterwards, Irby began to establish and create Awareness,  Wellness and, Choices events based on his writings concerning humanitarian subjects.
“People have often called me a historian.  My studies have been in the mass communications and journalism area.  I simply believe that today’s journalism is tomorrow’s history.  Likewise, those acts that took place and recorded in the past are now our history.  I want to share information to improve everyone’s knowledge and quality of life.  This is a great and big beautiful earth.  Many people miss out on opportunities and promises because they simply don’t know the wholeness of life,” said Irby.

What’s Next for Jason Irby? 

Irby has already copyrighted material for upcoming books which includes the Love Within Life closure, Blacks Among Indians Along the Trail of Tears, and Granddaddy Had a Farm.
Irby is also looking forward to completing the development of the character I Myself, a fictional character that teaches personal and community responsibility using one’s mind, heart, and courage to interact in life’s various situations.
For more information, please visit Irby’s website at  Irby’s books can be purchased through online orders from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others.
“Who knows the possibilities.  Even a person like me who grew up in a small town, surrounded by agriculture, in a state that’s like a hidden diamond could one day be a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.  I just encourage everyone to reach for the positive and then take it ‘another further’ each time,” Irby said.”

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