Author Jason Revisits Help, Hope, Healing Forum As Leaders Are Challenged

In August 2019, we presented the first Help, Hope, Healing If Those Who Are Called Leadership Forum.   August is our chosen month to communicate this forum.  To continue this effort and outreach, let’s send out our thoughts and prayers for Help, Hope, Healing for our loved ones and communities on August 8, 2020 as you conduct the day’s routines.

Last year, community and social organizations and individuals gave informative and supportive presentations.  The presentations were as therapeutic as they were knowledge-sharing.

The common goal was for the leading community organizations and individuals to come together to share the message and outreach of Help, Hope, and Healing of our communities.  We anxiously anticipated the opportunity to again present the Help, Hope, Healing If Those Who Are Called Leadership Forum in 2020.  Due to the unforeseen world pandemic of COVID-19, the forum will not gather this year.

Organizations and individuals who participated last year are still serving the communities.  Please view their information and websites below and at  There you may find specific information that will offer you Help, Hope, and Healing during this challenging time.

During my lifetime, I have heard of disaster after disaster around the world where territories, areas, and regions have needed assistance and rebuilding.  Never before have I witnessed the whole of the world pleading for help to fight and overcome a crippling and deadly pandemic.  For the most part, those who have pleaded for medical, financial, and other supports have been assisted.  For others, help is on the way.  Help is near.

Help.  To get those in need the medical, financial, and other assistance that they and their loved ones may need.

Hope.  To believe that needs or desires are possible.   We believe that we can, we will, we shall.

Healing.  I ask.  Will we be prepared for healing?  Will we be ready for the growth that takes place after healing?  The rebuilding, the rehabilitation, the reconciliation that comes after an unfortunate situation.  Will we be prepared to not fall back into the same issues that caused our challenges?  Will we be ready to provide assistance to others as they journey through the challenges in which we have just proceeded through and overcome?

As we revisit the Help, Hope, and Healing of our loved ones and communities, please view services of organizations and individuals below and at that may assist you in meeting your needs and achieving your goals.

“We pray for the opportunity to present another in-person Help, Hope, Healing forum in the future as a safe and healthy atmosphere will allow it,” Irby said.

Originally powered by the initiative for QMH, in truth and spirit.

Organizations and Services


Alzheimer’s Association

Arkansas Cancer Society

Arkansas Human Development Cooperation

Arkansas Department of Human Services

Baptist Health Community Outreach

Disabled Arkansas Veterans (DAV)

Dorcas House for Women and Children

Far More Productions

Jason Irby Innovation Foundation

Lupus Champion

Sequoyah National Research Center

St. Joseph Center of Arkansas

We Are The 22

UAMS Community Outreach

United Way of Central Arkansas

Watershed Human and Community Development


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