This little Oak tree stands vivid, vibrant, and brilliant among other vegetation that has transformed due to seasonal changes. It almost stands symbolic as it stands as many people have had to stand this year. 2020 will go down in history as an unforgettable year.   The world and the generations witnessed the undesirable situations bought by a world wide pandemic.  Loss of life, jobs, belongings, and wellbeing loomed over tens of thousands. Affected millions.  Despite the undesirable situations, many powered through and history will record victorious situations as well.   All loss was not due to death or destruction.  Some loss was due to the natural process of passing seasons.  The scriptures say that there is a time and season for everything.   Many seasons fulfilled their purposes.  As the saying goes by Howard Osterkamp, “all gave some, some gave all.”
I am so thankful for the activities and situations that God allowed me to participate and witness in 2020.  I am so thankful for the people that God placed In my path and journey to bring about God’s will and results.  In all things I give thanks.  Some were as smooth sailing while other were turbulent tribulations to overcome.  The mountain top was reached and the valley bottom was scrapped.  Nevertheless, the journey continues.  The path is laid out and travel is not an option.  As previous years have been incredible, 2020 was none the lessor.  Once again, incredible took place in my life.
Particular attention has been given this year to the matters of life and death, celebration and sorrow, and wellbeing and wonder.  This year of loss and gain. This has been a year of sharing the most intimate of.   This has been a year of rescuing life.  This has been a year of witnessing life taken to sustain another.  Many expectations were postponed, but many unexpected goals were attained.  Concerning the loss or gain.   To lose family or friends whether due to Covid or not.  To lose belongings or wellbeing whether due to Covid or not.  To overcome the order of things as the seasons are observed.  To admit that God is in control.
A great milestone was reached this 2020.  The 5th annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month was so awesome and momentarily.  A moment in time.  It was like a pre Covid jubilation.   Everyone was so happy and festive.  The 2020 Legend Among Us celebration was so awesome as former legends joined the 2020 inductees.
Women’s history month observance was canceled due to the precautions of Covid 19.  If Those Who Are Called, Leadership Conference was canceled due to Covid 19 precautions.A Balloon Release was conducted to observe National Domestic Violence Month.Announcement and an groundbreaking ceremony was held to commemorate the 3rd Annual Black Indian and Native American Heritage Month Fair.  The McAlmont Community Park will place a Trail of Tears Interpretive Panel within the park area.The farm continues to thrive.  A vast variety of birds were sighted this year.  The baby trees are really coming into their own.  The vegetation is doing as nature does to create a habit for the native and migrating animals.  
“Despite the incredible loss of life other realities.  The incredible livelihood and will to pushing forward has prevailed.  2020 has been incredible,” says Irby.