Join Author Jason Irby and Friends at the Resources and Wellness Fair at the Little Rock River Market

Join Author Jason Irby and Friends at “Resources and Wellness” Fair; Help Hope, Healing on Saturday, August 7, 2021 beginning 8:00 a.m. Little Rock River Market, 400 Clinton Avenue Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. 

People are continually reaching out for help and assistance in so many areas.  This Fair is designated to direct leadership organizations and individuals to others who can share needed information and resources with those in their communities, neighborhoods, and congregations. This “Resources and Wellness Fair” is intended to share Help, Hope, Healing as well as purpose and inform leadership and those interested about available  assistance in areas of need.

Presenters will give a short detailed presentation followed by information and demonstrations at their kiosks. Faith based, civic, municipal, charitable, human services organizations, and or individuals are all invited to participate. Event is free and open to the public.
Presenters will share and provide information, resources, encouragement, and methods used by fellow organizations and individuals. Presenter will also direct organizations and individuals to other organizations and people capable of assisting them in their efforts to provide assistance.

To provide help, hope, and healing for those in various needs which may include health and wellness (mental illness, impairments), sustainability (finances, food, lifestyle), development ( personal, community, economics, education), and overall humanity issues.

August 07, 2021
8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.


400 Clinton Avenue
Little Rock River Market
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Join Author Jason Irby and friends for “Resources and Wellness Fair”
Help, Hope, and Healing

During my lifetime, I have heard of disaster after disaster around the world where territories, areas, and regions have needed assistance and rebuilding.  Never before have I witnessed the whole of the world pleading for help to fight and overcome a crippling and deadly situations of today.  For the most part, those who have pleaded for medical, financial, and other supports have been assisted.  For others, help is on the way.  Help is near.

Help.  To get those in need the medical, financial, and other assistance that they and their loved ones may need.

Hope.  To believe that needs or desires are possible.   We believe that we can, we will, we shall.

Healing.  I ask.  Will we be prepared for healing?  Will we be ready for the growth that takes place after healing?  The rebuilding, the rehabilitation, the reconciliation that comes after an unfortunate situation.  Will we be prepared to not fall back into the same issues that caused our challenges?  Will we be ready to provide assistance to others as they journey through the challenges in which we have just proceeded through and overcome?

As we promote the Help, Hope, and Healing of our loved ones and communities, please view services of organizations and individuals below and at that may assist you in meeting your needs and achieving your goals.

“We pray for the opportunity to continually present Help, Hope, Healing forums in the future as a safe and healthy atmosphere will allow it,” Irby said.

Originally powered by the initiative for QMH, in truth and spirit.

Organizations and Services (2019 – 2021)


Alzheimer’s Association

Arkansas Cancer Society

Arkansas Human Development Cooperation

Arkansas Department of Human Services

Baptist Health Community Outreach

Disabled Arkansas Veterans (DAV)

Dorcas House for Women and Children

Far More Productions

Jason Irby Innovation Foundation

Lupus Champion

Sequoyah National Research Center

St. Joseph Center of Arkansas

We Are The 22

UAMS Community Outreach

United Way of Central Arkansas

Watershed Human and Community Development

American Indian Center of Arkansas

New Dawn Arkansas

Be Pro Be Proud

Bohemia Cares

Buck consulting


University of Arkansas Veterinary Sciences

United Cerebral Palsy

4-H Youth Development

CASA For Children

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