The year 2021 has been among the most awesome years yet. Some things were removed from my life while others were inserted and received. I note that Santa is given the attributes of God. He sees you when you’re sleeping, he sees you when you’re awake, he know when you’ve been bad or good … Yes, God does all and knows all. I see God’s promise’s, prayers, and processes delivered in his time. One would not believe nor fully understand without intervention. And truly, it’s not over yet.

The picture above of serenity is a dynamic underlying image. The peace and ease of a waterfront and soft gray sky above. Yet, the strength and energy of the weight of so much water forming ripples caused by the strength and energy of the wind is humbling. Observing some areas as calm as still water and other areas on the water roll ripples and waves pushed by a driving wind whether soft or harsh reflecting the image of that soft gray sky. Surrounded by the browness of frost bitten vegetation set in a southern winter. Serenity is a setting provided by God as a given gift. Enjoy serenity and find the peace within you. Discover the strength within you.

The year 2021 impressions began with the death of my 12 year old puppy Brook. She died of cancer in a peaceful place, at one of her favorite places, on the farm February 12th. Unless one had understanding, one would not believe that I had a preview feeling concerning her departure. As my mom would later state, a freeing for my forecasted endeavors.

I did have a wonderful January get-a-way with peace and rest and comfort to start the top of the year. A fantastic fellowship. An impression undeparted.

Because of Covid 19 the annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month and Legend Among Us recognition did not have an audience. Non the less it was still among the best presentations.

We moved into summer and the farm became a priority. This year was one of the greatest yet. It looks great out there. Caused me a weekend of dehydration but also caused me to receive a promise of God to upgrade farming implements. Summer also brought about a great overreaching. A test of faith. A stand through a storm that I believe is still to produce awesome fruit. The Help Hope and Healing forum was a great outing. It truly was an opportunity to get out and meet/greet people in an outdoors settings when Covid was at a low point. Healing one’s self, the earth, the atmosphere is a continuous practice and prayer.

The Autumn brought about its usual anticipated beauty. Autumn also brought about another promised gift in the form of a building to give back to the community tthough preservation of it atributes. Once the Wabbaseka Methodist Church. Now the Historic Wabbaseka Methodist Church and Wabbaseka Agricultural Families Preservation. A repurposed historical building to preserve the legacies belonging to a tiny city surrounded by agriculture. The annual Black Indian and Native American Heritage Month Fair brought about much awareness. This year we presented it at Arkansas Post National Memorial. The growing theme was diversity and inclusion. We discussed the roles and presence of Blacks and Indians contributions to the area. Not only is the Arkansas Post legacy concerning to be the first capital of Arkansas, trading post, battle ground, and Fort/settlement. The post also had family ties to those who participated at the fair. Dr Littlefield had a grandparent captured taken prisoners at the Post. My father paved the first paved road into the Post while employed by a construction company in the1960’s

Winter came in as a very warm season. Uncommonly warm and it was warm to me. I became appointed as the Vice President of the Arkansas Chapter of the National Trail of Tears Association.

Friends and family were great supporters during this 2021 journey. My two sons and I had a great outing at the beginning of Autumn. We look to have many more.

More to be added ….