Author Jason Irby to Recognize Mayors Frank Scott, Jr. and George B. McGill at the 7th Annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month on February 26, 2022

Author Jason Irby to recognize City of Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. and Mayor George B. McGill of Fort Smith, Arkansas, at the Seventh (7th) Annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month.  The event will take place on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center located at 4800 W. 10th Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“This year’s recipients are yet among the most unique class we’ve recognized,” said Irby. “They range from political to corporate and from municipal to religion.  Each of our 2022 Legend Among Us recipients are leading the way to paths that reveal diversity and opportunity.  Each recipient has experiences that have broken barriers the once prevented promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. They have in many cases sacrificed their own livelihoods to create a better space for everyone.  What they have achieved at this point in history will forever remain a legacy,” expressed Irby.


The 2022 Honorees include Frank Scott, Jr., George B. McGill, R. J. Hampton, Shirley M. Washington, Stephanie Flowers, and Trayce Parker. 

Frank Scott, Jr.

Since his inauguration on January 1, 2019, Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. has worked to unite Little Rock’s diverse neighborhoods through expansion of our economy, creating new opportunities for educational growth for Little Rock’s students, improving the safety of our neighborhoods, increased police accountability, and improving quality of life.

Through a pledge to be Little Rock’s Chief Growth Officer, Mayor Scott has overseen the creation of more than 2,700 jobs to date, a greater than 100% increase over jobs created in 2018. Jobs growth and economic development will continue to play an integral role in ensuring that Little Rock residents have the kind of local economy our City deserves.  For more information about Frank Scott, Jr., click here:  Bio of Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

George B. McGill

George B. McGill

Mayor George B. McGill, Fort Smith, Arkansas

George McGill was elected Mayor of Fort Smith in August of 2018.

As the first African American to ever be elected as Fort Smith Mayor, McGill is a trailblazer who has used his dedication to public service to advance the common good at the federal, state, and local levels.

Prior to serving as Mayor, McGill represented Fort Smith, his hometown, in the Arkansas House of Representatives for three terms. As a State Representative for District 78, McGill earned the respect of his legislative peers on both sides of the political aisle and was elected to key leadership positions even though he was in the legislative minority.

For more information about George B. McGill, click here:  Mayor George McGill Bio.

R.J. Hampton, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

R. J. Hampton was the first Black American to run for Governor of the State of Arkansas.  For more information about R.J. Hampton, click here:  R J Hampton Bio.

Shirley M. Washington, Mayor, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

The Honorable Shirley M. Washington is the mayor of the City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  For more information about the Honorable Shirley M. Washington, click here:  Shirley Washington Bio.

Stephanie Flowers, Arkansas State Senator, District 25, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Stephanie Flowers is the Arkansas State Senator for District 25 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  For more information about Senator Stephanie Flowers, click here:  Stephanie Flowers Bio.

Trayce Parker, President of UPS’s U.S. Eastern Region

Trayce Parker is the Present of the United Parcel Services’ U.S. Eastern Region.  For more information about Trayce Parker, click here:  Trayce Parker Bio.


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