Jason Irby Author of “Inspire The Intuitive Woman” and “Love Within Life” a Series, Gladly Salutes Trayce Parker, Remembers Willie K. Hocker, and Aspires Mayor Shirley Washington

Jason Irby, author of “Inspire the Intuitive Woman” and “Love Within Life” a series, honors Arkansas women for Women’s History Month.

Trayce Parker

“As I observe Women’s History Month and feature Women of Arkansas History, once again, congratulations to UPS Executive Trayce Parker for her achievements and awards.  I remember Trayce when she was in the transition between starting in a clerical department, followed by becoming a delivery service provider, to now sitting as a top executive within UPS.  I tease when I state that Trayce is so high on the company’s corporate ladder that one can get a nosebleed looking upwards.  Trayce has become the first Black American female to achieve East Region President for UPS, which is also higher than any Arkansan has achieved.  Trayce Parker I salute you,” expressed Irby.
Trayce Parker pic

Willie K. Hocker

“I remember Ms. Willie K. Hocker.  Ms. Hocker created the first two designs of the Arkansas Flag (1912 and 1913) to be presented as Colors to fly aboard the USS Arkansas battleship.  She became the second woman to ever create a flag legislatively approved in the United States.  When the flag she designed was altered in 1923, she requested that the flag retain its design balance.  In 1924, while the addition of the new star remained, her design prevailed.  Educator, author, designer, and community activist are among her portfolio highlights.  I respectfully remember Ms. Willie K. Hocker,” stated Irby.
Willie K. Hocker

Mayor Shirley Washington – Pine Bluff, Arkansas

“For the past four years I have likened Mayor Shirley Washington of Pine Bluff to Ms. Willie K. Hocker.  Both Hocker and Washington grew up near Dudley Lake in Jefferson County, Arkansas.  Both Hocker and Washington taught and lived in Wabbaseka.  Both Hocker and Washington taught and are pioneers of leadership in Pine Bluff.  Both Hocker and Washington have lived legendary inspiring lives and their legacies will be read by generations.  Shirley Washington became the first Black American female Mayor of Pine Bluff.  I admire Shirley Washington for her accomplishments and awards.  I aspire Mayor Washington to remain hopeful as she travels the course set before her,” shared Irby.
Shirley Washington pic

Observing Women’s History Month and Honoring Arkansas Women of History 2022, you can purchase “Inspire The Intuitive Woman” and “Love Within Life” from Amazon or online wherever books are sold.

Visit jasonirby.wordpress.com for more inspiring words and works in our community.

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