Jason Irby Commemorates Native American Heritage Month with the 5th Annual Black Indian and Native American Heritage Month Fair on November 12, 2022

Join Author Jason Irby for the 5th Annual Black Indian and Native American Heritage Month Fair on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

The event will begin at 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. at the Downtown Riverside RV Park Pavillion located at 250 S. Locust Street in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Irby reflects on Native American history by sharing:

“When we look back and look into the past, illustrations like this riverboat scene marks a milestone for me.

Even though I knew it had to have existed. I grew up during a time where there was lack of images showing African descendants, European descendants, and Native Americans in the same settings.

The images I saw only depicted cowboys and soldiers fighting Indians or Whites suppressing people of African descent. While chunks of history are left out, sometimes saddening and sometimes energizing, but more life-changing bits of information are coming forth.

As one looks at the illustration, I’m sure different opinions and interpretations arise. If only more truths could be discovered. Would livelihoods be changed?”

Jason Irby

“This year we are looking at Stick Ross.  During Indian removal of the Cherokees his descendants traveled along the Little Rock, North Little Rock Trail of Tears site with Chief John Ross where we are holding our 5th annual Black Indian and Native American Heritage Month fair.   It is so amazing that Stick Ross became such a prominent member of the Cherokees and having a mountain and road named after him in the Cherokee Capital of Tahlequah, Oklahoma,”  Irby said.

The Native American Heritage Fair will include craft booths and presentations by:

American Indian Center of Arkansas

Arkansas Army National Guard Museum

Arkansas State Archives

Arkansas Trail of Tears

Buffalo Soldiers

Cherokees for Black Indian Preservation

Heartbeat of the Nation

National Trail of Tears Museum

Quapaw Spokesperson

Sequoyah National Research Center

And Many More!

Special Dedication:

Reading of Future Interpretive Panel

Presented by

Sequoyah National Research Center

Jason Irby Innovation Foundation

For more information, contact the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation at jasonirbyinnovationfoundation@gmail.com.



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Native American Heritage Month Fair


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