End of Year Review: 2022

Jason Irby reflects on 2022:

2022 has added to the compilation of awesome years. 

Even when it seems that things are at a standstill, like the wind blowing through sails, the ship continues to move across the surface, the sky, through space.

I saw strongholds removed, challenges met, and disappointments disappear. 

Farming was great and the property looks great. 

I now have vested 30 full-time years at my job, plus the part-time years.

The Seventh Annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month program recognized three Arkansas mayors (Frank Scott, Jr., George B. McGill, and Shirley M. Washington) who are first in their category and an Arkansas Senator (Stephanie Flowers).  All are connected by a common bond: the mighty Arkansas River. 

The program was completed by recognizing corporate leadership and community engagement (Trayce Parker and R.J. Hampton).

Along with the definite victories, I learned of a new challenge.  A thorn in my side.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

I’ve read that to live is Christ and to die is Christ.  I believe we die daily to live eternally. 

Our destination is preordained. 

Our path is ordered and in Him I live, I move and I have my being.

The Native American Heritage Month program opened new avenues. 

Help, Hope, Healing is a program for those who are called. 

Through them the land will be healed. 

In November, I started a new decade and in November, I became the candidate that became the president of A-State Corvette Association

I also became the Vice President of the Arkansas Trail of Tears chapter. 

Each new day presents a new promise and a promise fulfilled.   

These few words can’t tell it all, but I hope they share a glimpse of true possibilities. 

Tomorrow is promising and bright.

In this image, Author Jason Irby sees the reflection.

Water on the earth reflects water in the sky.   

Miracles abound.

-Jason Irby


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