Please take care of yourself now, so that you may live to practice life another day.

This Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic battle has been a challenge around the world.  Many have died.  More have survived.  All have been affected.

2020 is a year that started with so many hopes and expectations.  For many it came to a standstill.  For more it became a slow pace.  Everyone’s timeline changed.

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Author Jason Irby’s 2018 End of Year Review

The 2018 Year End Review

“Each of the past 5 years I have called incredible, but 2018 has really had an incredible impact on my life.  I’ve been blessed throughout the years and this year is no exception.  This year many can see and kinda get a glimpse of my works, projects, and recognitions by viewing my recent awards.  I gladly share my joy and outlook.  Incredible cannot fully describe, ” shares Jason Irby.
Author Jason Irby was recently recognized for his writings, community efforts, and leadership.

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Author Jason Irby Spearheads Memorial Ceremony Recognizing Wabbaseka Native and Sailor Who Served Aboard the USS Arkansas CGN 41

Author Jason Irby and the Wabbaseka Memorial Committee invited the public to celebrate the third anniversary of the Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

“This year we have the special privilege of recognizing and honoring our native son O.C. Horton, Jr., who served on the USS Arkansas CNG-41 [in 1978]. That is very unique,” Irby said in a news release, adding that Horton grew up at Wabbaseka.

KABZ 103.7 The BUZZ co-hosted a live radio broadcast beginning at 6 a.m. in the Wabbaseka Community Park at U.S. 79 and Myrtle Street in Wabbaseka, Arkansas.

At 10 a.m., the event ended with a flag ceremony by the Little Rock Air Force Base, Dollarway High School ROTC, and Camp J.T./Robinson NOSC Naval color guards.

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Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza 3rd Anniversary Celebration

On October 12, 2016, please join author Jason Irby and the Wabbaseka Memorial Committee in celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of the Arkansas Flag / Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza.

“This year we have the awesome privilege of recognizing and honoring our native son O.C. Horton, Jr., who served on the USS Arkansas CGN-41. That is very unique,” Irby shared.

Horton grew up in Wabbaseka, Arkansas and later served on the USS Arkansas CGN-41 in 1978.

KABZ 103.7 The BUZZ will host the event.  The live radio broadcast will begin at 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, October 12, 2016, in the Wabbaseka Community Park located at the intersection of Highway 79 and Myrtle Street in Wabbaseka, Arkansas.

The event will end at 10:00 a.m. with a flag ceremony performed by the Little Rock Air Force Base, Dollarway High School ROTC, and Camp J.T/ Robinson NOSC Naval color guards.  This event is open to the public.

History of Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza

On October 12, 2013, Jason Irby and the Wabbaseka Memorial Committee revealed the Arkansas Flag/Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza by conducting a showcase and dedication ceremony at Wabbaseka Community Park in Wabbaseka, Arkansas.

The flag and veterans’ memorial plaza was established to honor the 100th year anniversary of the Arkansas State Flag, Miss Willie K. Hocker, flag designer and Wabbaseka native, and the USS Arkansas Navy battleship.

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Author Jason Irby Meets with Agriculture and Wildlife Authorities to Explore Opportunities for Student Development and Learning

After completing a three-phase Conservation Reserve Program project, Jason Irby is asking the question “what’s next” to obtain the lands greatest potential as well as opportunities for student learning. 

Irby met with authorities from Agriculture and Wildlife departments to begin and initiate projects for student learning and development. 

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Author Jason Irby Reintroduces His Father to Equipment from Family’s Farm History

On Saturday July 25, 2015, Jason Irby arranged to meet his father, J.D. Irby, at the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie to reintroduce him to granddaddy’s (Will Irby) farm implement that J. D. grew up using in his youth.

“Dad was like a kid in a candy store as he touched and rekindled memories of Granddaddy’s farm equipment.  He seemed so comfortable and energized even as he boarded his dad’s old disk,” Jason Irby said.

J.D. expressed fond memories as he and family members, Narvell, Jason, and Lavern, toured the museum to examine the variety of agriculture and farm related exhibits.

“After I read my short story, Granddaddy Had a Farm, from the Love Within Life series to my dad, he informed me that granddaddy, Will Irby, had implement from our family’s farming history in the Museum of the Grand Prairie in Stuttgart, Arkansas.  At that time (around 2007), I didn’t really pay that much attention to my dad’s story, but I decided to follow-up on the information after he mentioned it for a second time in 2014,” shared Jason.

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2014 Year End Review: Reflections on Patriotism, Personal Accountability and Violence Prevention Addressed in Author Jason Irby’s 2014 Endeavors

“The people and the organizations that I have had the opportunity to partner with, meet, and address for the common cause of making our communities and world a better place to live, has been a humbling experience in 2014”—Jason Irby jason_irby_Publication1_pic11

Hosting the Arkansas Flag-Wabbaseka Memorial Commemoration Ceremonies, the Awareness, Wellness and Choices events, and participating as a panelist and speaker were incredible experiences. It was a great honor to stand with our nation’s military servicemen and women, police officers governmental officials, civic leaders and members of the community.

Speaking before youth from the University of Arkansas at little Rock (UALR), the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB), the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) in Conway, Arkansas, the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission summer youth (L.E.A.D), and other youth groups, such as, the African-American and Hispanic youth initiatives.

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Community Participates in Flag Ceremony Hosted by Author Jason Irby at the Arkansas Flag-Wabbaseka Memorial Plaza

Community leaders and organizations participated in the “Arkansas Flag-Wabbaseka Memorial’s Inaugural Year Celebration.”  

The Ceremony was held at Wabbaseka City Park in Wabbaseka, Arkansas on Sunday, October 12, 2014 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm. The ceremony commemorated the one year establishment of the Memorial Plaza in Wabbaseka’s Community Park. The memorial is the concept of author Jason Irby who grew up and attended schools in Wabbaseka.

“Recognizing history and giving back to my hometown and community has always been a goal in my life,” says Irby. “I am proud that the community has joined and participated with me to lift and recognize the history of Wabbaseka, a fading small town surrounded by agriculture that I call home.”

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