Jason Irby Conservation project is Acreage that is a Wildlife Habitat on Time

Jason Irby recently received a visit from an Arkansas Wildlife Officer from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

The Wildlife Officer and Irby walked and inspected the property discussing conservation practices as they moved through the grasses, trees,  and shallow water area.

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Author Jason Irby Envisions Agriculture as Essential to Environment and Habitats

Author Jason Irby wears a different hat as he surveys property that is reserved for agriculture and conservation.

“I have planted nearly 3,000 trees of various types, acres of natural grasses, and will soon establish a wetlands area.  My family has been involved in agriculture of some sort for decades and their efforts have been a gift to nature and humanity.  Now, it is my turn to give back to mother earth because I feel that through the generations we will all benefit,” Irby shared.

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