Author and Humanitarian Jason Irby Shares Celebration Moments with Local Icon

Robert “Say” McIntosh was moved to tears as he received recognition before an enthusiastic audience for his historical body of work at the 2nd annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month.

The Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month event was established by Jason Irby in February 2016 as part of his Awareness, Wellness, and Choices forum. imagejpeg_0e

The celebration focuses on the achievements and historical relevance of black history particularly related to Arkansas and Arkansans.

Irby announced “Say” McIntosh as a 2017 Legend Among Us and arranged for McIntosh to receive a Capitol Citation from Secretary of State Mark Martin.

“I grew up watching Mr. “Say” McIntosh on television, the evening news.   He is now well-known as the king of baking sweet potato pies, a community leader, the Black Santa, an activist,  one who spoke up for the poor, one who fed the hungry, and even a job provider through his restaurants, ” said Irby.

imagejpeg_0dMr. McIntosh is among the second year group to receive recognition at Irby’s event.

Wanda M. Hamilton and Geese Ausbie also received recognition but were unable to attend because of unforeseen circumstances.

Hosts of presentations were given by a variety of organizations and individuals relating to Arkansas heritage in Black History.  Additional information will be posted in upcoming articles.

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