Jason Irby is an Arkansas native and author of Love Within LifeInspire the Intuitive Woman,  My Arkansas, My Home, and So, You Want to Stop Violence?the first publications in a series of books featuring poems and short stories.  
Jason earned a BA in Radio, Television and Film and an MA in Journalism from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR).  Jason partners with his collegiate alma mater by providing annual scholarships to graduate students. He also spearheaded the efforts to establish the Arkansas State Flag Memorial in his hometown of Wabbaseka, Arkansas, honoring Arkansas State Flag designer Willie K. Hocker and the Navy vessel USS Arkansas.
Jason has presented at many literary events including the Arkansas History Commission’s Black History Seminar and the Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals Conference.  Jason has also been featured in several publications including SEAlife Magazine, the UALR Forum, and University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) News.  He was recognized as a featured author by the Tea and Poetry Book Club for his actions to prevent domestic violence.  Jason’s blog was the number 1 WordPress Blog for Stop the Violence for several weeks.  He was also showcased at the National Black Book Festival.  In 2015, Jason was nationally recognized for his humanitarian efforts by receiving the Civic Recognition Award.
Jason has participated in numerous events, such as, the Black Men’s Solution Summit sponsored by Wal-Mart and sponsored a Women’s History Month event at the Arkansas Children’s Library.  Jason has also appeared in a commercial for the Little Rock Zoo and was featured in “The First Boys of Spring”, the 1912 era baseball documentary film produced by Emmy Award winning producer Larry Foley. 
Jason is an avid charitable contributor and volunteer.  He is a prominent advocate of reaching our youth  by partnering with community leaders in promoting wellness, and by challenging the sports entertainment industry in its promotion of violence driven by the inappropriate language in hip-hop.  
He has a passion for his newest agricultural venture that highlights his familial contributions to the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie and agricultural conservation reserve plan.  Jason is the recipient of a National Civic Recognition Award for his efforts.  
Jason’s love for literature, supporting communities, and building community relationships drives his humanitarian efforts.  

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