Jason Irby Innovation Foundation Remembers, Salutes & Congratulates Three Women for Women’s History Month

For the month of March, Women’s History Month, the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation celebrates Arkansas women, such as, Raye Jean Montague, Delina Smith-Foreman, and Kim Jones Sneed.

Raye Jean Montague

Raye Jean Montague
U.S. Naval Engineer & Civil Rights Pioneer

The Jason Irby Innovation Foundation remembers Raye Jean Montague, U.S. Naval Engineer and Civil Rights Pioneer. Montague was presented as a 2018 Legend Among Us by the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation at the annual Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month.

Montague was also nominated by the Jason Irby Innovation Foundation for an Arkansas Diamond Award and was presented the Award at the 2018 Arkansas Heritage Celebration of Black History Month by Irby and Carla Coleman, chairperson of the Black History Commission of Arkansas

Montague became recognized as a “Hidden Figure” for her contributions to the United States of America as the designer of the first battleship designed by computer.  Her achievements are numerous as noted in her biography below.

Delina Smith-Foreman

Delina Smith – Foreman, Owner of Divine Resting Memorial Cemetery

The Jason Irby Innovation Foundation salutes Delina Smith-Foreman for being the first Black female to own a cemetery in the state of Arkansas.

Divine Resting Memorial Cemetery is located in Lee County, Arkansas. To learn more about Delina Smith- Foreman and Divine Resting Memorial Cemetery, please view the biography below.

Kim Jones Sneed

Kim Jones Sneed, President and CEO, Stuff in the Bluff

The Jason Irby Innovation Foundation congratulates Kim Jones Sneed for her service to the community and the 20th anniversary of her internet publication Stuff in the Bluff.

Stuff in the Bluff serves the Pine Bluff and the Central Arkansas areaa, but has received feedback and followers from around the world. 

Sneed’s “news blast” are informative and entertaining documentations that her clients use to share and connect with readers of Stuff in the Bluff

Irby encourages Sneed to keep up the great work for her services and commitment is definitely needed as well as appreciated. 

To learn more about Kim Jones Sneed and her online publication, Stuff in the Bluff, please visit http://www.stuffinthebluff.com.


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